Travel Tips: Safety Precautions when bringing your pets

TravelwithPetsIf you are planning to travel and if you are planning to bring your pet along, you have to remember some safety measures to make sure your canine, feline, or other animal companion will be ready for the long trip:


Be sure to bring your pet to the vet about to weeks prior to your trip. The veterinarian can do a complete work up for your pet and administer necessary vaccinations before starting your journey. Some pet doctors will apply tick preventatives to ensure good health.


You also need to pay attention what you feed your pet before and during the trip. The composition of food and water additives may vary depending on your location. It will be best to pack some water and food for your pet. You need to feed your pet around three hours before you head out then give it some snacks during your stops.


You need to invest in a very good animal crate to make sure your pet is comfortable and safe during the trip. The right case can prevent injuries to your pet in case you are involve in a road mishap. Make sure you bring all your grooming needs, first aid kit, and bowls.

Traveling by Car

If you are traveling by car, make sure to fasten secure your pet’s crate since the side to side movements and bumpy roads can be a disaster for motion-sensitive animals. Do not let your pets sit in the front seat since this will make them more prone to injuries in case of an accident. Never leave your pet alone in an unattended car and make sure they have proper ventilation where you seat their crates.

Top Ramen shops in Tokyo you shouldn’t miss

final-ramen-museumIf you are the kind of traveler who must try the best of local dishes, then if you are in Tokyo, a bowl of ramen is a must. There are hundreds of ramen shops around the city. Most of them are very good but if you want the best, head to one of the Tokyo ramen shops below:


You can find this popular ramen shop in the Shindaita district of Tokyo. This will be the perfect place for food travelers looking for the best tonkotsu soup. The chef has made it so creamy by letting pork bones boil and simmer for hours. He has also collaborated with other chefs so diners can experience and fine pleasure in some intriguing options on the menu.

The best seller here is their curry ramen. The chef is also very generous sharing his stories and adventures in his journey to become a chef.


Try Tokyo’s traditional dishes given a slight modern twist at Kururi. Of course, you top priority for going here is their miso ramen, deemed to be the best in the city. The other favorites have also won awards and praises for the chef’s fresh interpretations. He uses different miso pastes prepared using the best vegetables. Be very patient when you go to this place, you might have to wait for almost an hour to get a seat.


Skip the other ramen shops in Tokyo but do not miss Harukiya in Ogikubo. They serve the best ramen with dried sardines, dried fish, bonito flakes, and shoyu soup. The recipe to this great dish has been guarded for the last hundred years.

The shop is quite small and can only serve eight people at a time. The ambiance is also perfect to enjoy wonton ramen, Chinese soba, and pork wonton barbecue ramen.

Family Travel: Best spots in Australia when going with kids

There are a lot of nice travel destinations for families in Australia. There are just some spots though that tops the list when it comes to having traveling with your kids along. See our list below and know which Australia destinations are a must:

Port Arthur in Tasmania

If you’re kids complain about boring history classes in school, you might be able to change that view when you bring them to Port Arthur. The port was once a convic settlement during the 18th through the 19th century. It is among the top heritage sites in the Land Down Under where kids can learn about the exciting parts of the country’s history.

Whitsunday Islands in Queensland

This island boasts of a number of beautiful beaches but there’s more to Whitsunday than sand and waters. The sceneries here are among the best in Australia. You can go sailing between the islands, go snorkeling to checkout the coral reefs, or go whale watching. The list goes on for activities kids will really enjoy.

Wolgan Valley

Just a few hops from Sydney is this natural reserve called Wolgan Valley. It is also nearby two famous national parks. So you can actually make a stop over to see the lush greens and wildlife.

Parsley Bay

When in Sydney, you will surely not miss the Opera House. Once you are done there, you can head to lesser known sites like the Parsley Bay. It is perfect for the youngsters with its shallow waters and isolated beach. You can go to this corner of Sydney on a day trip and getting a ride will never be a problem since it is just near some bus stops. Do not forget the picnic baskets!

The best lake destinations around the globe

If you are already complaining about the hot summer weather, going for a lake vacation might beat the heat. We listed down some of the top lake destinations for you:


Lake Taupo

This lake paradise in New Zealand offers a lot for travelers. You can enjoy a round of golf, pamper yourself in a mineral spa, get a tan, or even be adventurous and jump off a cliff. While enjoying these things, you have a green mountainsides, volcanoes, and snowcapped peaks as your backdrop. Relax your tired body and pamper yourself in a mineral spa or enjoy the mineral springs. The list of activities goes on from bungee jumping, parasailing, whitewater rafting, jet skiing, skydiving, and other adrenaline pumping stuff to do.

Lake Como

This is a posh place in Italy described by many as having unparalleled beauty. You can choose from different resorts and luxury villas where you can relax and enjoy. The Lake Como has been a popular travel destination in Italy since the time of the Romans. Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney who even bought a villa near the lake, are flocking to this lake destination.

Lake Mead

Thiis lake ends and dams on the north and northeastern portion of the state of Nevada. It is among the biggest man-made lakes in the United States. If you love fishing, swimming, or scuba diving, you will enjoy your stay on the banks of this lake. The shoreline stretches 550 miles so there is a lot of space for everyone.

North Hatley

This lake is among the best travel destination in Quebec, Canada. It is the summer destination of the well off families who rather spend their holiday in North Harley rather than New England. Summer is nice but the ideal time is spring or autumn.

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Quick Travel Guide: Provence, France

lavenderfields-provenceProvence in southern France is famous for its lavender fields, cobbled streets, and picturesque coastlines. The beautiful destination in France has been an inspiration for a good number of writers, artists, and travelers. Planning a Provence holiday though might be a bit tricky given the diversity of the region. Here are some travel planning tips to guide you for your next Provence holiday:

When to go

The best time to see the fields of lavender that ends on the horizon will be during summer. The best time is from June thru August. One downside though when you go during these months is the thick crowds and having to share the view with hundreds of people. The summer is also when the Festival Avignon happens.

You can still capture the picture perfect fields during the usual warm months of autumn. There are months though when a lot of hotels and restaurants closed shops for the off peak season. So it might be wise to stay in the major cities if you decide to go during these months. If you will be going during Spring, time your visit for the Peerinage des Gitans and the Fete des Gardians.

It will also be best to have a rental car to go around Provence. You are much in control of time with car rentals plus you avoid the hassles of transport strikes. There are also destinations in far flung towns which are not commonly reached by public buses or trains.

What to do

Here are the best things to do in Provence:

  • See the lavender fields – the best ones are near the Senanque Abbey or on the Plateau de Valensole.
  • Best food and drinks – try the flavors of the region at roadside stalls where you can sample their cheese and traditional dishes. If you want some sea foods head for Marseille.
  • Natural Wonders- Head to Camargue where you can visit a national park that boasts of a marshland serving as home to a wide variety of birds. There is also the Parc Ornitologique and its blushing flamingos. If you love the waters, go to Les Stes Maries de la Mer for a great coastal view and some delicious ice cream.

Cancun: A Great Destination

One of the most popular vacation destinations is Cancun. A big part of the popularity is that it is easy for American travelers to get there. That however is certainly not the only reason; there are actually a lot of attractions in the region. Whatever type of vacation that you are looking to have you will find that Cancun makes an excellent destination.

CancunThe main attraction for most people when it comes to Cancun are the beaches. Cancun has some of the finest beaches that you will find anywhere in the world. They are ideal for people who are into water sports or for people who are just happy to lie around and soak up the sun. The beaches that are located around the hotels and resorts tend to be crowded but you don’t have to travel far to get away from the crowds.

Of course great beaches don’t mean anything if the weather is no good, fortunately this is not an issue in Cancun. The weather is great all year round with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Obviously they can’t guarantee that the weather will be perfect everyday but there is a pretty good chance that it will be during your trip.

Because Cancun is such a popular destination for travelers the night life of the area has also become a major attraction. There are lots of nightclubs that cater to the tourists that come to the region. The result is that Cancun is now a very popular party destination. In addition there are all kinds of restaurants for people to eat in which is another major attraction.

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Best destinations for stargazing

Man has been fascinated with the heavenly bodies since time in memorial. We have used it to study about our place in the universe, made stories about them, or just ogle at the sky’s pure beauty. If you are one of those who love looking up the sky and tracing the stars and their formation, we lined up the best destinations that you might want to visit in your life time:


Find your way to the Atacama Desert and see how clean and dry air plus the high altitude does to night sky viewing. The conditions are almost always perfect to enjoy the stars in this corner of the globe. It is not very easy to get to the highest located desert in the planet but the rewards are great.

There are public tours offered by the Cerro Mammalluca observatory. You can also book a room at Hotel Elqui Domos where there are seven domes dedicated to seeing the stunning night sky.


The islands of Hawaii are another ideal destination for stargazers. The best spot will be at the Mauna Kea, a volcano in the Big Island where Keck Observatory is. At 9,000 feet, you feel like you can reach for the stars and connect dots following the shapes of mythology.

United States

The southwestern regions of the United States also offer a haven for those who want to enjoy the stars and the planets. Some of the best spots include the Sonoran Desert and the Kitt Peak Observatory just near Tucson

You also have other options like the Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles); McDonald Observatory (Texas); Lowell Observatory (Arizona); and the Natural Bridges National Monument (Utah).

New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand has a number of good observatories like the Auckland Stardome and the Mount John Observatory.

In Australia, you can enjoy the stars under the scopes of the Sydney Observatory. If you want to escape the city lights, head to the Uluru and join astronomers in appreciating the skies of the southern hemisphere.

10 Vacation Ideas for Active Young Couples

Everybody has a different idea of the way that they want to spend their vacation. Most young couples these days prefer to spend theirs doing something active. Fortunately there are lots of opportunities for that and many companies that now cater specifically to this market. The following are some of the more popular vacation ideas for active couples. In most cases these ideas can be combined so that you are doing more than one thing on your vacation.

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Travel tips for your Morocco holiday

The people in Morocco are very hospitable to travelers and they will do everything so they can show you their country and culture. Here are some tips to make your Morocco travel smoother:

  • Go when it is spring in Morocco since the summer or the winter can very brutal. A visit during the Ramadan may also be very interesting but the cafes and restaurants are closed during the mornings.
  • Learn some Arabic words and you will see how far a few phrases can take you. One basic phrase is es salaam alaykum or peace be with you.
  • Rent a riad or a traditional house in Morocco.
  • Tipping is important in the Moroccan culture so it will be very convenient if you bring some change in your pocket. A tip of around 5% thru 10% when you dine in a restaurant is appropriate. You also need to tip taxi drivers, tour guides, or locals who help you find your way.
  • Make sure you hire a tourist guide accredited by their tourism department since faux guides are illegal.
  • Hire a grand taxi to help you go around but remember that these taxis wait until every seat is take before they set off. If you are a woman and traveling alone, you may want to occupy the front seat and pay for two spaces.
  • Be ready to bargain and you will see that you can get a better deal when you decline the first offer.
  • Some locals will invite you to have some mint tea and this is their way to show their hospitality. It is also impolite to refuse the offer.
  • If you are a female traveler exploring Morocco alone try to ignore any unwanted attention and avoid eye contact. If you feel threatened, try to push back and say you will call the police and this proves to be a very effective technique.

What To See In London: 3

Hyde-Park-london-436373_1920_1440Now that you have seen some of the most beautiful building in London, let’s go ahead and talk about one of the other famous attractions and that is Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is actually flush against the Kensington Gardens, which is definitely one of the benefits of this particular park.

Hyde Park is actually one of the most popular parks in London and it is liken to Central Park in New York.  It actually is about more than a mile square and that includes Serpentine Lake, Marble Arch and of course, the Diana Memorial Fountain that you will find.

This park is definitely one of the best if you are looking to chill out and laze around after a hard day of touring.