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Costa Rica Is The Place To Be — For Real! Part 1

Costa Rica Vacation

When you think about vacation spots – what is the first thing that usually comes to your mind?  Well, for me it is going to be the sunshine and honestly … I think that Costa Rica is the perfect place for anyone to go when they are looking for somewhere with a lot of sunshine and a lot of personality.  There are a ton of different things that you can do in Costa Rica and we are going to touch base on just a few of those things between this blog and the next!

Firstly – you need to decide when you might want to travel to Costa Rica … you should know that Costa Rica’s rainy months are usually May to July, so make sure that you plan on rain for those months, but August – October is super nice and hot and that truly is fantastic for most people!

The cool thing about Costa Rica is that there truly is something for everyone and that is what we are going to talk about in the next blog – what you can do with your family in this tropical spot!

Phuket: A Veritable Tropical Paradise

phuket-beach-bigWhile the sweeping tsunamis not so long ago might make you strike Phuket, Thailand from your list of must see destinations, it would really do you good to reconsider. Phuket, which is a beautiful island located just off of Thailand’s western coast, really is a veritable paradise of the Andaman Sea.

It is roughly similar in size to Singapore and is probably the richest province in all of Thailand; in reality, it is second only to Bangkok. It is known the world over for exquisite beaches, lush landscapes — including jungles — a thrilling nightlife, beautiful wildlife, stunning sea life, a rich and intriguing culture, and a number of interesting and just as rich traditions.

While it is best to plan your vacation there somewhere between the month of November and the month of March, you may be able to save a pretty penny by going in the off season. You can even enjoy some steamy, sultry rains by venturing there between August and October, when you will have the beaches virtually to yourself.

Taking a Trip to Piccadilly Circus!

piccadilly-circus1Hopping across the pond and visiting England can prove to be one of the funnest and most exciting vacations you could ever hope to have. And, of course, it almost goes without saying that you cannot visit England without taking a trip to Piccadilly Circus, which is located right in the heart of the famed West End. You will be centrally located to take advantage of the tube, plus the evening is full of a number of different entertainers — you are just as apt to see a dexterous boy juggling fiery torches as you are to see a group of girls dancing in true Bollywood fashion.

There are plenty of shops, both large and small, to explore as well, some of them major franchises and some of them charming local shops — such as Hamling’s Toy Store.

There are plenty of galleries and places of historical and cultural interest as well, so needless to say, no visit to London is complete without a jaunt out to Piccadilly Circus!

Alaskan Cruises: Why Take One?

When you think of cruises usually, a hot place like Hawaii or the Bahamas comes to mind, not Alaska.  However, did you know some of the best and unique sites can be seen in Alaska?  The beauty of Alaska is slowly but surely becoming popular as this snowy state is by far one of the most interesting and the landscape itself is something that you need to experience up close and personal rather than via pictures.

Some of the things that you can see in Alaska are: moose’s, bears, tons of fish and to be honest … the mountains are one of the main reasons that I went with the Alaska Cruise Lines.  There are so many different mountains and glaciers that can be seen, it truly is a breathtakingly beautiful site.  Bald Eagles can be found in Alaska and if you look over the railing of your ship, you should see a bunch of different animals like seals, puffins, sea otters, sea loins and finally humpback whales.

The jagged rocky shores are amazing and if you are looking for things to do on land, shopping and restaurants are everywhere! More cruises at Cruise Travel tips!

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Finding The Ideal Vacation Package For You!


When it comes to finding the perfect vacation package, it can be a difficult thing to find.  You have to make sure that you take a few steps and do some research before you just dive right in and book the very first vacation special or package that comes along.  How to find the perfect vacation package for you is exactly what we are going to describe below, so make sure that you stay tuned!

One of the first things that you need to do is make sure that you list all of your needs.  This includes whether you want spa time or even just some swimming available – anything that you want to get out of your vacation should be on that list.  Restaurants, shops – anything.  Next, you want to make sure that you choose a destination or at least the type of weather that you are looking for.

After you have done that, the next step is going to be research.  You want to make sure that you research all of the vacation packages out there … after all, you have to know what you are up against.

Visiting Amish Country in Lancaster PA!

amish-countryAnother great vacation destination in the United States is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Whether you go to Intercourse (believe you me, you will have to endure some snickers from the kids — and sometimes the grown ups! — but the trip is more than well worth it) or any of the other charming towns making up what is colloquially known as Amish Country, you will definitely enjoy a rich and one of a kind experience.

There are so many things to do in Amish Country, and not a single activity could ever be considered boring!  You can go on guided tours, to learn how a different culture goes about their day to day lives.  There are wine tastings and local fairs and events, just to name a few of the fun filled and interesting activities you can enjoy in this part of the country.

And, of course, you will have plenty of delicious food to sample and unique goods to buy.  Even the wine is homemade!

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New Adventures in New England!

new-englandWith the economy being what it is, many of us who leave stateside are eschewing our summer vacations — although that is not at all necessary.  There are plenty of fabulous stateside destinations where you can spend your vacation.  For that matter, those from abroad can really enjoy some fantastic times in the United States, so we are going to chronicle some of the best places to visit in the coming posts.

We are going to start with New England, possibly one of the most beautiful regions in the whole of the United States.  We are not actually focusing in on one separate state, because they all have something to offer, from Maine to New Hampshire to Massachusetts.  In Maine, one can really get in touch with nature, be it by camping or lounging on the beach.  New Hampshire offers a peace which can scarcely be found anywhere else.  In Massachusetts, of course, you can enjoy the culture and history in places like Boston and Cambridge.  Sun, fun, seafood, history, relaxation — it is all yours for the taking!

The Chelsea Hotel: Drama-Filled and Cheap!

leonardo-t04055-t04055_ext_01_j-imageIf there is one hotel that you might want to take notice of in NYC, it is going to be the Chelsea Hotel.  This is by far one of the best hotels – not for what you may think of though.  This hotel is actually full of drama and if you stay there, you will be housed with quite a few of the local artists, writers and musicians that make the Chelsea Hotel their home.  Now of course, if you are looking for an upscale hotel in NYC, you do not want to stay here … even though the price is right, the ambiance and the non-refined service is honestly not going to be to your liking.

There is usually a 2.6 rating for the Chelsea, however, there are many different reasons why you should visit it – and that is going to be because it is so unique and absolutely one of the most intriguing hotels in the world.  There are so many different rooms available that you can stay in and all for usually $99.00, which is unheard of in NY.

So check out the Chelsea hotel if you want some drama from all of the guests that are constantly there … or hell, even the owners!

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Travel Discount Codes are Here to Stay: Where To Find ‘Em!

leonardo-172820-172820_ext_02_j-imageIf you are like many travelers nowadays, you are constantly trying to find the very best deal of the day, week, month – you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your money.  That is exactly why coupon codes have been designed.  These incredible codes are actually a fantastic way for you to save quite a bit of cash and for you to be able to stay at luxury hotels for the price of a moderate hotel.

Now, you are probably curious where you can find these coupon codes.  Well, there are many, many different places that you can find them; however, is absolutely one of my favorites.  They have so many different discounts and coupon codes that you can use, it truly is amazing.

You can also just do a quick online search for coupon codes, as there are many websites that have them.  Just go to google and you should be able to find exactly what you might be looking for!