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Dog Friendly Vacations: Where Can You Go? Blog 3

girl_with_dogNow that we have explored the hotel option of bringing your dog with you – the next option is the place to go!  California is known for their pet-friendly vacation spots and I have to say that they are pretty awesome.  The weather is always beautiful and there is so much that you can do with your pet in CA, you truly should take a trip there with your pooch!

However, that does not mean that you can not travel to the east with your pet.  New York is definitely one place that is slowly but surely allowing dogs to be able to stay at their hotels … and shopping.  Many department stores are now allowing pets to come into the store with their owners and while that sounds … strange, it is worth it!

Your pet loves you, they can be your best friend for life and bringing them on a vacation trip is something that is fun for you and for them!

Dog Friendly Vacations: Where Can You Go? Blog 2

Dog Friendly VacationsNow that we have talked about setting aside some time for your pooch while you are on vacation, the next step is going to be ensuring that the hotel takes dogs.  A lot of hotels nowadays have switched around their thinking and they are now accepting pets of all shapes and sizes – however, there is usually a fee attached with it.  Some hotels charge one flat fee and others charge daily, so that is something you will definitely have to find out.

If the hotel has a courtyard or even just some patio rooms, it is a great idea to see if you can get one of those in order to take your doggie out – it makes life a lot easier, trust me.  If your dog is crate-trained, definitely make sure that you bring their crate, so if you are out of the room, they will be okay.

Dogs are a fantastic counterpart whenever you are on vacation and now that the hotels – a lot of them anyway have switched their policies around, you should be able to bring your dog anywhere!

Dog Friendly Vacations: Where Can You Go? Blog 1

Dog Friendly VacationsIn this generation, we are all pretty guilty of being in love with our animals, especially pets.  Whenever I have to travel, I know that I would love to take my animals, especially my hot-dog-dog with me, however that is not something that is always available to everyone.

However, there are many different pet friend vacations that you can go on, you really just need to find them – seriously.  So that is what we are going to take a look at!  How to find the perfect pet friendly vacation spot!

One of the first things that you need to ensure is that you are going to have enough time to donate to your dog.  You can not just leave them locked up in the hotel room all of the time – so make sure you truly can pay attention to the dog.

South Carolina: It’s Beautiful!

South Carolina

When you think about going on vacations, I know that I always envision going to France or going to Germany or going somewhere out of the country, however – I did not realize that we have so many places right here in the United States that are truly worth while and are fantastic to go visit!  South Carolina is one of those places and more specifically, Charleston.  This particular place is one of the most historic as well as most charming places in the world.

It has its own beaches as well as many accommodations that are just fantastic to look at.  The cool thing about South Carolina is that you truly do not have to break the bank in order to visit this beautiful and historic place as there are many, many different things that you can do for free – seriously!

South Carolina also is beautiful, the scenery is one of those things that is breathtaking and to be quite frank, I think that South Carolina is the perfect place to visit if you have children!

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Check Out Bali’s C151!

Bali’s C151

We all know that there is luxury and then there is off-the-wall-luxury and that is exactly what you are going to be getting when you stay at Bali’s C151 – these Villas are honestly one of the coolest hotels in the world.  This hotel – if you can honestly even call it that, because it is by far one of the most luxurious places to stay in the world is fantastic. 

Each room is a bright and extremely spacious villa that is equipped with every thing amenity that you can think of and probably a few that you haven’t.  For example, remote controlled sliding glass doors as well as private pools with underwater speakers are just a few of the things that are standard for this particular hotel.

The great thing about this hotel too is the food – oh and do not forget about the drinks.  The area that this particular hotel is placed in is also packed with culture and is full of anything and everything you might ever need!

Checking Into French Hospitality At The Chateau de Villereglan!

Chateau de Villereglan

France is such a beautiful place to experience – while I have never been there, my dreams are constantly filled with Paris, the beautiful landscape and of course the Eiffel Tower, however – the hotels are what I am really looking forward to.  Take the Chateau de Villereglan for example; this beautiful hotel in Southern France is one of the premier spots for true French hospitality.

While the hustling and bustling of Paris might sound appealing, if you want the scenic, provincial and cool feeling of France, the Chateau de Villereglan is going to be the place for you.  The Chateau de Villereglan has only four suites to choose from and you can be either in the main house or in a separate part in the orangerie, which is honestly true French countryside with extreme peace and seclusion – not to mention hospitality. 

At Chateau de Villereglan, you can happily stroll through the gardens and indulge in all sorts of different activity packages which include a two hour cooking course or even just a one hour massage – whichever is your poison.  The food is to die for and the scenery is something that is breathtaking.  Southern France people – the Chateau de Villereglan is the place to be!

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Costa Rica Is The Place To Be — For Real! Part 2

costa_rica_-_waterfallNow that we have talked a little bit about Costa Rica – let’s continue the conversation and really get down to the nitty gritty about this beautiful place.  Although the scenery alone is something that people come to see, there are so many activities that you can do as well.  For example, exploring some of the beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica is something that I know that I would love to do – another thing that you can do is hike.

Hiking around the area in Costa Rica is something that many, many people do and come to this particular tropical paradise for.  To be completely and totally honest, the hotels are also something that you should take a trip into.  Some of the beautiful accommodations are breathtaking and you will truly get five star treatment – no matter where you stay!

Costa Rica is the best place in the world to go and it is a place that I am sure you will be visiting … sometime soon!