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What to See When Visiting London: 1

london 1London is something of a dichotomy. It is rich with history and culture which can and should be appreciated by people from all over the world — many of our ancestors came from England, after all — but it is also a center of excitement and fun. At the same time you are visiting historical sites, you can enjoy the latest, hottest nightclubs and even take in some seriously avant garde fashions. Thus, a trip to London can seem somewhat overwhelming — which is why Dave’s World Travel has compiled a list of must see locations, to make your visit go much more smoothly.

First of all, you cannot pass up the galleries. The National Gallery, the Tate Britain Gallery, the Tate Modern Gallery — all of them are must sees … and all of them are free, so you can really enjoy your art tour.

Hampton Court is another location you have to see. Many people consider it one of the greatest attractions not just in London, not just in England, but in all of Europe. It was the original palace of Henry VIII, and the architecture and design alone make it a worthwhile visit.