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The Most Happenin’ Halloween Holidays: 2

halloween_parade_1So where in the world do you go to enjoy one of the most exciting Halloween activities ever? New York City, of course, where else would you go?

Specifically, the Village Halloween Parade, which takes place on the big day itself, is a huge, exciting draw. The parade itself has more than fifty thousand people participating in it, and more than two million people watching it — needless to say, these stats make the Village Halloween Parade the biggest spooky celebration in the whole entire world.

If you want to get a good spot to see everything, you need to turn up at last two hours early, at which point you will have a bird’s eye view of puppeteers, marching bands, floats, circus acts, dancers, and scads of other performers.

The Most Happenin’ Halloween Holidays: 1

tombstoneThe Earp Brothers. Doc Holiday. Showdowns and gunfights. Who doesn’t want to take a trip to Tombstone, Arizona? Legends were made there! Naturally you can visit Tombstone the whole year round, but going in October is highly recommended. Why?

Because it is like living in a costume party during that time of year, one which just happens to be totally historically accurate! Visit the local museums, marvel over the nineteenth century buildings which have been fully restored … and try to guess just which buildings are haunted!

For instance, taking a trip to Big Nose Kate’s Saloon or stopping into the famed Birdcage Theater greatly increases your chances of running across otherworldly presences.

But hey, even if you don’t get an encounter with a ghost, the Wild West reenactments going on every day will make you feel like you’re still in the Wild West!

Best Places to Go in Greece: 3

Porto RomaLocated in Zakynthos, Porto Roma is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in that area. It is particularly well known for its gorgeous beaches and the green, gorgeous landscape, which offers lots of opportunities for walking, hiking, and cycling, just to name a few of the outdoor activities you can enjoy there.

The main Porto Roma beach is within walking distance, and the Gerakas beach is but a short distance away. It is worth a visit, due to the fact that Caretta Caretta sea turtles enjoy nesting there. Both Porto Roma and Gerakas are within the bounds of the National Marine Park.

Glass bottom boat tours are a favorite, there are plenty of charming tavernas, and the city is quite close to Zakynthos Town, which offers many different facilities itself.

Best Places to Go in Greece: 2

fiskardoFiskardo is located on the northern tip of gorgeous Cephalonia. It has plenty of charm and is considered one of the most “gently sophisticated” areas in Greece. However, it has not lost any of its character and still retains the air of a quaint island fishing village. Eighteenth century homes in pastel colors dot the landscape. Around the bay, you can still see the remains of a Venetian lighthouse, as well as a Norman church, not to mention a Roman bath.

The streets are like a postcard, but the town still has something of a buzz. You will most certainly never be bored, not in the least because there is still plenty to explore, and plenty to do in this town where boats still make up the main traffic.

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Best Places to Go in Greece: 1

Chania Old TownIs there anything more mysterious than Greece? The myths, the legends, the rich culture, the in depth history — it is truly a treasure, and there are so many places to go, how can you ever decide? Well, we can help, though be forewarned — we have chosen some spots off the beaten path.

We begin with Chania Old Town, which is thought to be the oldest city that is still inhabited in the entire world. That may be up for debate, but it is definitely old — more than five thousand years old — and rich in culture and history. It is located in Crete, an important place in and of itself.

Chania was Crete’s capital until 1971. There are still lots of Turkish and Venetian buildings remaining, especially around the harbor area.

Chania has an Archaeological Museum, a Byzantine Museum, and a Maritime Museum.

London’s Many Bridges: Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge

Now that we have discussed the London Bridge – let’s go ahead and dive right into – yes, you got it, the Westminster Bridge!  This particular bridge is actually one of my favorite.  Not only does it look incredible, but it is definitely one bridge that I don’t think that you would want to miss if you are touring around London. 

This bridge was first opened in 1750 and it was actually established as one of the most important links across the Thames.  It joined the ever-expanding area around Westminster to what now is Waterloo.  It actually remains still, to this day one of London’s busiest foot and road bridges.

It is very convenient, as it links between the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, which is very important.

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London’s Many Bridges: London Bridge

London Bridge

Now that we have talked about one of the famous bridges of London, let’s go ahead and talk about the most famous bridge of London and that is the London Bridge.  This particular bridge is actually breathtaking and I have to say that while I have not seen it up close and personal … I have seen too many pictures to count and it looks incredible!

The London Bridge is actually the oldest bridge and it actually is believed to have been around from the first decades after Christ – when the capital city of England was dubbed Londinium.  The London Bridge was actually the cities only crossing over the Thames before the Westminster Bridge was created.

This bridge is very rich and certainly one of the most beautiful bridges out there – if you have a chance to see it, take it!

London’s Many Bridges: The Battersea Bridge 1


What is the very first thing that you think of when you think about London – for me, it is all of the sights that are out and around there.  Honestly, London has one of many bridges in the world – twelve different ones actually and all of them are beautiful looking and a fantastic sight for you to see!  That is what we are going to talk about in the next few blogs – the many bridges of London!

The first bridge up is the Battersea Bridge and my, what a breathtaking bridge this one is!  Although in the 18th century the Battersea Bridge was actually attached to another bridge, the Chelsea Bridge, the construction of a wooden bridge from 1771 – 1772 and actually allowed the pedestrians and wagons to cross the Thames.

This bridge actually was replaced in 1886 – 1890 with the Battersea Bridge that you see today!

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The Best Winter Holiday Spots: 3

europeNow, you may be thinking that a winter holiday spent in Europe is way beyond your means. That may be true for many of us during the rest of the year, but it is definitely not the case in winter. Starting in November, Europe — yes, most if not all of the countries there — is considered to be in its off season. Around that time, airfares to many countries therein become much, much more affordable, and you can get bargains on hotel stays as well.

The crowds will be thinner, and in southern Europe, the daytime temperatures are likely to be quite warm and mild.

Down north, however, you will have to dress warmer — but Europe in wintertime is definitely a beautiful sight to behold.