Alaskan Cruises: Why Take One?

When you think of cruises usually, a hot place like Hawaii or the Bahamas comes to mind, not Alaska.  However, did you know some of the best and unique sites can be seen in Alaska?  The beauty of Alaska is slowly but surely becoming popular as this snowy state is by far one of the most interesting and the landscape itself is something that you need to experience up close and personal rather than via pictures.

Some of the things that you can see in Alaska are: moose’s, bears, tons of fish and to be honest … the mountains are one of the main reasons that I went with the Alaska Cruise Lines.  There are so many different mountains and glaciers that can be seen, it truly is a breathtakingly beautiful site.  Bald Eagles can be found in Alaska and if you look over the railing of your ship, you should see a bunch of different animals like seals, puffins, sea otters, sea loins and finally humpback whales.

The jagged rocky shores are amazing and if you are looking for things to do on land, shopping and restaurants are everywhere! More cruises at Cruise Travel tips!

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