Checking Into French Hospitality At The Chateau de Villereglan!

Chateau de Villereglan

France is such a beautiful place to experience – while I have never been there, my dreams are constantly filled with Paris, the beautiful landscape and of course the Eiffel Tower, however – the hotels are what I am really looking forward to.  Take the Chateau de Villereglan for example; this beautiful hotel in Southern France is one of the premier spots for true French hospitality.

While the hustling and bustling of Paris might sound appealing, if you want the scenic, provincial and cool feeling of France, the Chateau de Villereglan is going to be the place for you.  The Chateau de Villereglan has only four suites to choose from and you can be either in the main house or in a separate part in the orangerie, which is honestly true French countryside with extreme peace and seclusion – not to mention hospitality. 

At Chateau de Villereglan, you can happily stroll through the gardens and indulge in all sorts of different activity packages which include a two hour cooking course or even just a one hour massage – whichever is your poison.  The food is to die for and the scenery is something that is breathtaking.  Southern France people – the Chateau de Villereglan is the place to be!

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