Dog Friendly Vacations: Where Can You Go? Blog 2

Dog Friendly VacationsNow that we have talked about setting aside some time for your pooch while you are on vacation, the next step is going to be ensuring that the hotel takes dogs.  A lot of hotels nowadays have switched around their thinking and they are now accepting pets of all shapes and sizes – however, there is usually a fee attached with it.  Some hotels charge one flat fee and others charge daily, so that is something you will definitely have to find out.

If the hotel has a courtyard or even just some patio rooms, it is a great idea to see if you can get one of those in order to take your doggie out – it makes life a lot easier, trust me.  If your dog is crate-trained, definitely make sure that you bring their crate, so if you are out of the room, they will be okay.

Dogs are a fantastic counterpart whenever you are on vacation and now that the hotels – a lot of them anyway have switched their policies around, you should be able to bring your dog anywhere!

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