New Adventures in New England!

new-englandWith the economy being what it is, many of us who leave stateside are eschewing our summer vacations — although that is not at all necessary.  There are plenty of fabulous stateside destinations where you can spend your vacation.  For that matter, those from abroad can really enjoy some fantastic times in the United States, so we are going to chronicle some of the best places to visit in the coming posts.

We are going to start with New England, possibly one of the most beautiful regions in the whole of the United States.  We are not actually focusing in on one separate state, because they all have something to offer, from Maine to New Hampshire to Massachusetts.  In Maine, one can really get in touch with nature, be it by camping or lounging on the beach.  New Hampshire offers a peace which can scarcely be found anywhere else.  In Massachusetts, of course, you can enjoy the culture and history in places like Boston and Cambridge.  Sun, fun, seafood, history, relaxation — it is all yours for the taking!

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