Phuket: A Veritable Tropical Paradise

phuket-beach-bigWhile the sweeping tsunamis not so long ago might make you strike Phuket, Thailand from your list of must see destinations, it would really do you good to reconsider. Phuket, which is a beautiful island located just off of Thailand’s western coast, really is a veritable paradise of the Andaman Sea.

It is roughly similar in size to Singapore and is probably the richest province in all of Thailand; in reality, it is second only to Bangkok. It is known the world over for exquisite beaches, lush landscapes — including jungles — a thrilling nightlife, beautiful wildlife, stunning sea life, a rich and intriguing culture, and a number of interesting and just as rich traditions.

While it is best to plan your vacation there somewhere between the month of November and the month of March, you may be able to save a pretty penny by going in the off season. You can even enjoy some steamy, sultry rains by venturing there between August and October, when you will have the beaches virtually to yourself.

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