The Best Winter Holiday Spots: 1

us-virgin-islands-natureWinter is a weird kind of season. At first we look forward to it, we begin anticipating the holidays and the cheery sight of snow falling outside the window while a fire roars inside.

Around about January or February, though, when the snow starts looking a little dirty and we start feeling stir crazy, many of us choose to go on a winter holiday instead of experiencing cabin fever.

For those who choose to take themselves away to considerably warmer climes, the U.S. Virgin Islands will definitely be a great place for you. It is only two hours away from Miami, closer than you may imagine. There, you can have your pick of peaceful, laid back St. Croix, exciting St. Thomas, or St. John, which is something of an eco treat.

And yes, you will get to enjoy enough sand, surf, and sun to get you through the rest of winter.

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