The Chelsea Hotel: Drama-Filled and Cheap!

leonardo-t04055-t04055_ext_01_j-imageIf there is one hotel that you might want to take notice of in NYC, it is going to be the Chelsea Hotel.  This is by far one of the best hotels – not for what you may think of though.  This hotel is actually full of drama and if you stay there, you will be housed with quite a few of the local artists, writers and musicians that make the Chelsea Hotel their home.  Now of course, if you are looking for an upscale hotel in NYC, you do not want to stay here … even though the price is right, the ambiance and the non-refined service is honestly not going to be to your liking.

There is usually a 2.6 rating for the Chelsea, however, there are many different reasons why you should visit it – and that is going to be because it is so unique and absolutely one of the most intriguing hotels in the world.  There are so many different rooms available that you can stay in and all for usually $99.00, which is unheard of in NY.

So check out the Chelsea hotel if you want some drama from all of the guests that are constantly there … or hell, even the owners!

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