What’s the Most Expensive Luxury Suite in Las Vegas?

What’s the Most Expensive Luxury Suite in Las Vegas?Now that we have talked about the cheap side of thing, let’s go ahead and talk base on the expensive side.  If you are thinking about taking a vacation to Vegas and are looking to blow a hell of a lot of money – well, I can tell you that there is a suite out there that is over $40,000 for just one night.

The Palms Casino Resort is the hotel that owns this incredible suite and it is actually the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa suite – that is the most expensive suite in the world and it is certainly one of the best hotel rooms in the world.  It includes a private glass elevator, infinity pool overlooking Sin City and a rotating bed that lies underneath a mirrored ceiling.

This is certainly one of the best suites in the world and if you are looking for luxury – this has got to be it!

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