What to See When Visiting London: 3

london 3The Parks, which allow you to stroll from Westminster to Holland Park, are an absolute delight. There are so many stunning views along the way — such as the bridge located in St. James Park. Hyde Park is a must simply because it is Hyde Park, but there are beautiful sites in all of them. There are cultivated gardens and the zoo in Regent’s Park; a lake complete with pelicans lies in St. James; Hyde has the Speakers’ Corner — and the list goes on.

Bow Bells, the Bank of England — in short, the London known by Samuel Pepys, can all be found in the heart of the City, where Victorian nooks still exist.

Naturally, there are many museums as well as other galleries to be seen, as well. Some of them include the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum, and the Natural History and Science Museums.

Last but certainly not least, a visit to London is not complete without a trip to the theatre — at least one. You will see high quality performances without breaking your bank account.

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