Wine And Dine This Fall In Scottsdale!

ScottsdaleI am a huge, huge, huge fan of books – all kinds of books and when you give me books and a weekend someplace warm, I am all set.  That is exactly what this particular mini-vacation in Scottsdale is all about!  This fall, in Scottsdale at a few hotels, authors like Dave Barry, Anita Diamant, M.J. Rose or Scott Turow will be offering up their vacation with you!

These are just a few of the top names too, for this particular event, there will be a line-up of over 32 famous and well-known authors who will be participating in everything from the hotels and cocktail receptions, book readings and question and answer sessions with any and all of the hotel guests.

If you are looking for a fall vacation, this is got to be it for you – rates start around $499.00 per couple, per night with a two-night minimum, but … it is worth it!

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