Valentine’s Day Top Mini-Vacation Destinations: 1

IceCreamLollipops_mediumValentine’s Day is a special time of year.  Everything is a little magically, a little brighter and definitely a little better and sweeter.  If you are looking for a way that you can steal your girlfriend/boyfriend and take them away on a mini-vacation, we have some of the best destinations for you to go to … and I can promise that you will be able to get to them easily!

One of the first and top destinations that people go on Valentine’s Day is New York City.  This is actually a beautiful place to celebrate your relationship and while it might be a little cold – why not take a horse drawn carriage ride around Central Park?

Or maybe you can dine out in one of the many, many different restaurants that are around the area and stay in one of the many luxury hotels in the area.  All of this and more can be captured in NYC!

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