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The Waldorf-Astoria — The Most Popular Hotel In NYC!

Waldorf-AstoriaWe all know that New York City is one of those places that people go whenever they are looking to get away from everything but be in the middle of everything.  If you have never been to New York, you probably still know about the oldest and greatest hotel that NYC has to offer and that is the Waldorf-Astoria.

The Waldorf-Astoria is actually one of the most famous hotels in the world and this week, they are actually offering up a special.  You want to stay in NYC?  Well, you can actually stay there for about $259.00, which is an incredible price!

You want history and beauty?  The Waldorf-Astoria is actually one of those hotels that has both.

$49 Nights Available at New Fairfield Inn In Orlando!

Fairfield InnWhen you think about it – there are a ton of different vacation options out there for you to choose from and tons of hotels.  However, my favorite brand (probably because I work for it) is Marriott Hotels.  Honestly, I think that the service that Marriott gives off is absolutely beautiful and me … being an employee I know all about the inside secrets and it is a fantastic company to work for!

However, we are talking about the Orlando Fairfield Inn here – this particular hotel, this month alone is offering up $49.00 a night rooms.  It is a fantastic rate for the accommodations that you are going to be getting.  You get your choice of king and queen rooms and they even include microwaves and fridges in the rooms!

The hotel offers up free shuttle service to SeaWorld and it also includes continental breakfast each morning and free internet.  A great deal if you ask me!

Check Out Bali’s C151!

Bali’s C151

We all know that there is luxury and then there is off-the-wall-luxury and that is exactly what you are going to be getting when you stay at Bali’s C151 – these Villas are honestly one of the coolest hotels in the world.  This hotel – if you can honestly even call it that, because it is by far one of the most luxurious places to stay in the world is fantastic. 

Each room is a bright and extremely spacious villa that is equipped with every thing amenity that you can think of and probably a few that you haven’t.  For example, remote controlled sliding glass doors as well as private pools with underwater speakers are just a few of the things that are standard for this particular hotel.

The great thing about this hotel too is the food – oh and do not forget about the drinks.  The area that this particular hotel is placed in is also packed with culture and is full of anything and everything you might ever need!

Checking Into French Hospitality At The Chateau de Villereglan!

Chateau de Villereglan

France is such a beautiful place to experience – while I have never been there, my dreams are constantly filled with Paris, the beautiful landscape and of course the Eiffel Tower, however – the hotels are what I am really looking forward to.  Take the Chateau de Villereglan for example; this beautiful hotel in Southern France is one of the premier spots for true French hospitality.

While the hustling and bustling of Paris might sound appealing, if you want the scenic, provincial and cool feeling of France, the Chateau de Villereglan is going to be the place for you.  The Chateau de Villereglan has only four suites to choose from and you can be either in the main house or in a separate part in the orangerie, which is honestly true French countryside with extreme peace and seclusion – not to mention hospitality. 

At Chateau de Villereglan, you can happily stroll through the gardens and indulge in all sorts of different activity packages which include a two hour cooking course or even just a one hour massage – whichever is your poison.  The food is to die for and the scenery is something that is breathtaking.  Southern France people – the Chateau de Villereglan is the place to be!

If you are looking for a great place to stay, Gatwick hotel with parking is near you! Or try your luck at cheap hotels in bristol.

The Chelsea Hotel: Drama-Filled and Cheap!

leonardo-t04055-t04055_ext_01_j-imageIf there is one hotel that you might want to take notice of in NYC, it is going to be the Chelsea Hotel.  This is by far one of the best hotels – not for what you may think of though.  This hotel is actually full of drama and if you stay there, you will be housed with quite a few of the local artists, writers and musicians that make the Chelsea Hotel their home.  Now of course, if you are looking for an upscale hotel in NYC, you do not want to stay here … even though the price is right, the ambiance and the non-refined service is honestly not going to be to your liking.

There is usually a 2.6 rating for the Chelsea, however, there are many different reasons why you should visit it – and that is going to be because it is so unique and absolutely one of the most intriguing hotels in the world.  There are so many different rooms available that you can stay in and all for usually $99.00, which is unheard of in NY.

So check out the Chelsea hotel if you want some drama from all of the guests that are constantly there … or hell, even the owners!