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Why Travel to Tokyo?

Tokyo NightIf you’re one of those who have the luxury to travel from one country to another, Japan, specifically Tokyo, is most probably part of your top 5 list to visit. If you’re one of those who don’t have the capacity to travel abroad, you probably have Tokyo as one of the cities you’d want to visit on your wish list.

If you don’t plan to visit Tokyo at all and you’re wondering why it is a place to go for most people, here are top 3 reasons among the many:

1. Doubling the fun with the Twin centers Shibuya and Harajaku

Tokyo may be very urban-looking in photos you usually see over the Internet. Little do some people know that the atmosphere in the city transcends the typical urban setting because it is able to maintain the traditional aspect of their culture. The twin centers exemplify this wonderful mix with the urbanized citizens showing off their fashion statements around traditional spots like zoos and museums.

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