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Traversing the Wilderness towards Tranquil Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

One of the best highland retreats in Malaysia is the Cameron Highlands. From the capital, Kuala Lumpur, the plateau is a good 214 kilometers away. This translates to roughly an hour and 30 minutes of driving from the highway. The roads of Malaysia are generally well maintained, and there are signs everywhere so it’s pretty safe to travel across the country by car.

This is actually truest when you travel to Cameron Highlands. You can also choose to go there by coach, bus, train, or taxi, but the other options are either too expensive or extremely inconvenient.

Once you make it out of the ringlets and into the Cameron Highlands city proper, you would want to visit the strawberry farms, butterfly farms, Boh Tea plantation, the cactus valley, and the Agrotechnology Park. The highland provides a great escape from city life with its Jungle trails and camping sites.

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