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The best lake destinations around the globe

If you are already complaining about the hot summer weather, going for a lake vacation might beat the heat. We listed down some of the top lake destinations for you:


Lake Taupo

This lake paradise in New Zealand offers a lot for travelers. You can enjoy a round of golf, pamper yourself in a mineral spa, get a tan, or even be adventurous and jump off a cliff. While enjoying these things, you have a green mountainsides, volcanoes, and snowcapped peaks as your backdrop. Relax your tired body and pamper yourself in a mineral spa or enjoy the mineral springs. The list of activities goes on from bungee jumping, parasailing, whitewater rafting, jet skiing, skydiving, and other adrenaline pumping stuff to do.

Lake Como

This is a posh place in Italy described by many as having unparalleled beauty. You can choose from different resorts and luxury villas where you can relax and enjoy. The Lake Como has been a popular travel destination in Italy since the time of the Romans. Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney who even bought a villa near the lake, are flocking to this lake destination.

Lake Mead

Thiis lake ends and dams on the north and northeastern portion of the state of Nevada. It is among the biggest man-made lakes in the United States. If you love fishing, swimming, or scuba diving, you will enjoy your stay on the banks of this lake. The shoreline stretches 550 miles so there is a lot of space for everyone.

North Hatley

This lake is among the best travel destination in Quebec, Canada. It is the summer destination of the well off families who rather spend their holiday in North Harley rather than New England. Summer is nice but the ideal time is spring or autumn.

Best destinations for stargazing

Man has been fascinated with the heavenly bodies since time in memorial. We have used it to study about our place in the universe, made stories about them, or just ogle at the sky’s pure beauty. If you are one of those who love looking up the sky and tracing the stars and their formation, we lined up the best destinations that you might want to visit in your life time:


Find your way to the Atacama Desert and see how clean and dry air plus the high altitude does to night sky viewing. The conditions are almost always perfect to enjoy the stars in this corner of the globe. It is not very easy to get to the highest located desert in the planet but the rewards are great.

There are public tours offered by the Cerro Mammalluca observatory. You can also book a room at Hotel Elqui Domos where there are seven domes dedicated to seeing the stunning night sky.


The islands of Hawaii are another ideal destination for stargazers. The best spot will be at the Mauna Kea, a volcano in the Big Island where Keck Observatory is. At 9,000 feet, you feel like you can reach for the stars and connect dots following the shapes of mythology.

United States

The southwestern regions of the United States also offer a haven for those who want to enjoy the stars and the planets. Some of the best spots include the Sonoran Desert and the Kitt Peak Observatory just near Tucson

You also have other options like the Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles); McDonald Observatory (Texas); Lowell Observatory (Arizona); and the Natural Bridges National Monument (Utah).

New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand has a number of good observatories like the Auckland Stardome and the Mount John Observatory.

In Australia, you can enjoy the stars under the scopes of the Sydney Observatory. If you want to escape the city lights, head to the Uluru and join astronomers in appreciating the skies of the southern hemisphere.