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The Most Happenin’ Halloween Holidays: 1

tombstoneThe Earp Brothers. Doc Holiday. Showdowns and gunfights. Who doesn’t want to take a trip to Tombstone, Arizona? Legends were made there! Naturally you can visit Tombstone the whole year round, but going in October is highly recommended. Why?

Because it is like living in a costume party during that time of year, one which just happens to be totally historically accurate! Visit the local museums, marvel over the nineteenth century buildings which have been fully restored … and try to guess just which buildings are haunted!

For instance, taking a trip to Big Nose Kate’s Saloon or stopping into the famed Birdcage Theater greatly increases your chances of running across otherworldly presences.

But hey, even if you don’t get an encounter with a ghost, the Wild West reenactments going on every day will make you feel like you’re still in the Wild West!