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Best destinations for stargazing

Man has been fascinated with the heavenly bodies since time in memorial. We have used it to study about our place in the universe, made stories about them, or just ogle at the sky’s pure beauty. If you are one of those who love looking up the sky and tracing the stars and their formation, we lined up the best destinations that you might want to visit in your life time:


Find your way to the Atacama Desert and see how clean and dry air plus the high altitude does to night sky viewing. The conditions are almost always perfect to enjoy the stars in this corner of the globe. It is not very easy to get to the highest located desert in the planet but the rewards are great.

There are public tours offered by the Cerro Mammalluca observatory. You can also book a room at Hotel Elqui Domos where there are seven domes dedicated to seeing the stunning night sky.


The islands of Hawaii are another ideal destination for stargazers. The best spot will be at the Mauna Kea, a volcano in the Big Island where Keck Observatory is. At 9,000 feet, you feel like you can reach for the stars and connect dots following the shapes of mythology.

United States

The southwestern regions of the United States also offer a haven for those who want to enjoy the stars and the planets. Some of the best spots include the Sonoran Desert and the Kitt Peak Observatory just near Tucson

You also have other options like the Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles); McDonald Observatory (Texas); Lowell Observatory (Arizona); and the Natural Bridges National Monument (Utah).

New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand has a number of good observatories like the Auckland Stardome and the Mount John Observatory.

In Australia, you can enjoy the stars under the scopes of the Sydney Observatory. If you want to escape the city lights, head to the Uluru and join astronomers in appreciating the skies of the southern hemisphere.

Top 3 New Years Destinations: NYC

nycNew Years is coming up and many people are asking, where are the best parties at?

Well, it goes without saying that the number one hot spot is New York City. You ain’t seen a New Years Eve celebration until you have seen the one that goes on in Times Square. Seeing the ball drop there, whether in person or on TV, is like a tradition and people from all over the globe clamor for a chance to see it happen live and in color.

For over one hundred years, Times Square has been the place to ring in the New Year — and the party does not stop when the ball drops, people.

To really ring in the New Year, this is where you want to be — though good luck getting near the Square. You have to start early!

The Most Happenin’ Halloween Holidays: 3

witch-house-1All right, my horror loving friends and Halloween fanatic neighbors, I have most definitely saved the best for last. Salem, Massachusetts. Other towns may claim to be Halloween capitals, but I truly believe that Salem takes the cake.

For one thing, their Halloween inspired activities take place from October 2 to November 2, so you have a full month to enjoy this town, which is still quite haunted by the trials and events of the sixteen hundreds. The Haunted Happenings Festival manages to be both educational, scary, and incredibly fun — not to mention eerie!

There are psychic readings, parades, picking pumpkins, spooky stories, reenactments of the famed rich trials, and much, much more, such as the many museums and showcases in the town.

Visiting Pikes Peak, Colorado For Christmas!

Pikes Peak, Colorado Christmas is a time of year that can be difficult for some people – did you know that there are places that you can actually go on vacation during Christmas?  While you might want to go to get away and spend some time by yourself, you do not have to take off to the beach.  There are actually quite a few Christmasy places that we are going to talk about!

Firstly, Pikes Peak, Colorado is a fantastic place to go if you are looking for a Christmas vacation destination.  They don’t have snow but they actually have a Christmas theme park at the base of Pikes Peak that offers up a ton of fun for you or your family!  There is also Santa’s house as well as a ton of different park rides and food.

In the next blog, we are going to talk about Finland and just what they have to offer in the way of Christmas vacations!

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The Most Happenin’ Halloween Holidays: 2

halloween_parade_1So where in the world do you go to enjoy one of the most exciting Halloween activities ever? New York City, of course, where else would you go?

Specifically, the Village Halloween Parade, which takes place on the big day itself, is a huge, exciting draw. The parade itself has more than fifty thousand people participating in it, and more than two million people watching it — needless to say, these stats make the Village Halloween Parade the biggest spooky celebration in the whole entire world.

If you want to get a good spot to see everything, you need to turn up at last two hours early, at which point you will have a bird’s eye view of puppeteers, marching bands, floats, circus acts, dancers, and scads of other performers.

The Most Happenin’ Halloween Holidays: 1

tombstoneThe Earp Brothers. Doc Holiday. Showdowns and gunfights. Who doesn’t want to take a trip to Tombstone, Arizona? Legends were made there! Naturally you can visit Tombstone the whole year round, but going in October is highly recommended. Why?

Because it is like living in a costume party during that time of year, one which just happens to be totally historically accurate! Visit the local museums, marvel over the nineteenth century buildings which have been fully restored … and try to guess just which buildings are haunted!

For instance, taking a trip to Big Nose Kate’s Saloon or stopping into the famed Birdcage Theater greatly increases your chances of running across otherworldly presences.

But hey, even if you don’t get an encounter with a ghost, the Wild West reenactments going on every day will make you feel like you’re still in the Wild West!

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What’s the Most Expensive Luxury Suite in Las Vegas?

What’s the Most Expensive Luxury Suite in Las Vegas?Now that we have talked about the cheap side of thing, let’s go ahead and talk base on the expensive side.  If you are thinking about taking a vacation to Vegas and are looking to blow a hell of a lot of money – well, I can tell you that there is a suite out there that is over $40,000 for just one night.

The Palms Casino Resort is the hotel that owns this incredible suite and it is actually the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa suite – that is the most expensive suite in the world and it is certainly one of the best hotel rooms in the world.  It includes a private glass elevator, infinity pool overlooking Sin City and a rotating bed that lies underneath a mirrored ceiling.

This is certainly one of the best suites in the world and if you are looking for luxury – this has got to be it!

$49 Nights Available at New Fairfield Inn In Orlando!

Fairfield InnWhen you think about it – there are a ton of different vacation options out there for you to choose from and tons of hotels.  However, my favorite brand (probably because I work for it) is Marriott Hotels.  Honestly, I think that the service that Marriott gives off is absolutely beautiful and me … being an employee I know all about the inside secrets and it is a fantastic company to work for!

However, we are talking about the Orlando Fairfield Inn here – this particular hotel, this month alone is offering up $49.00 a night rooms.  It is a fantastic rate for the accommodations that you are going to be getting.  You get your choice of king and queen rooms and they even include microwaves and fridges in the rooms!

The hotel offers up free shuttle service to SeaWorld and it also includes continental breakfast each morning and free internet.  A great deal if you ask me!

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Wine And Dine This Fall In Scottsdale!

ScottsdaleI am a huge, huge, huge fan of books – all kinds of books and when you give me books and a weekend someplace warm, I am all set.  That is exactly what this particular mini-vacation in Scottsdale is all about!  This fall, in Scottsdale at a few hotels, authors like Dave Barry, Anita Diamant, M.J. Rose or Scott Turow will be offering up their vacation with you!

These are just a few of the top names too, for this particular event, there will be a line-up of over 32 famous and well-known authors who will be participating in everything from the hotels and cocktail receptions, book readings and question and answer sessions with any and all of the hotel guests.

If you are looking for a fall vacation, this is got to be it for you – rates start around $499.00 per couple, per night with a two-night minimum, but … it is worth it!

South Carolina: It’s Beautiful!

South Carolina

When you think about going on vacations, I know that I always envision going to France or going to Germany or going somewhere out of the country, however – I did not realize that we have so many places right here in the United States that are truly worth while and are fantastic to go visit!  South Carolina is one of those places and more specifically, Charleston.  This particular place is one of the most historic as well as most charming places in the world.

It has its own beaches as well as many accommodations that are just fantastic to look at.  The cool thing about South Carolina is that you truly do not have to break the bank in order to visit this beautiful and historic place as there are many, many different things that you can do for free – seriously!

South Carolina also is beautiful, the scenery is one of those things that is breathtaking and to be quite frank, I think that South Carolina is the perfect place to visit if you have children!