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Visiting Amish Country in Lancaster PA!

amish-countryAnother great vacation destination in the United States is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Whether you go to Intercourse (believe you me, you will have to endure some snickers from the kids — and sometimes the grown ups! — but the trip is more than well worth it) or any of the other charming towns making up what is colloquially known as Amish Country, you will definitely enjoy a rich and one of a kind experience.

There are so many things to do in Amish Country, and not a single activity could ever be considered boring!  You can go on guided tours, to learn how a different culture goes about their day to day lives.  There are wine tastings and local fairs and events, just to name a few of the fun filled and interesting activities you can enjoy in this part of the country.

And, of course, you will have plenty of delicious food to sample and unique goods to buy.  Even the wine is homemade!

New Adventures in New England!

new-englandWith the economy being what it is, many of us who leave stateside are eschewing our summer vacations — although that is not at all necessary.  There are plenty of fabulous stateside destinations where you can spend your vacation.  For that matter, those from abroad can really enjoy some fantastic times in the United States, so we are going to chronicle some of the best places to visit in the coming posts.

We are going to start with New England, possibly one of the most beautiful regions in the whole of the United States.  We are not actually focusing in on one separate state, because they all have something to offer, from Maine to New Hampshire to Massachusetts.  In Maine, one can really get in touch with nature, be it by camping or lounging on the beach.  New Hampshire offers a peace which can scarcely be found anywhere else.  In Massachusetts, of course, you can enjoy the culture and history in places like Boston and Cambridge.  Sun, fun, seafood, history, relaxation — it is all yours for the taking!

Cheap Vacation Locations in the US: 2

philadelphiaIf you are left looking for a vacation destination that will not break your bank account, you really should consider checking out one of those places that everyone says that you should. Now, this does not, in fact, mean you should go to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park, although those are certainly great places.

You can visit one of these “must see” places and still have a fun and exciting time. For example, if you have never been or even if you have, Philadelphia is a fantastic vacation destination for you — and your family, if you are looking for a place you can take the whole brood.

Needless to say, the historical value of a visit to Philadelphia is absolutely through the roof. More to the point, they do not call Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love for nothing. A friendlier, more comfortable and exciting place you will be hard pressed to fine. Not only are there plenty of exciting activities you can enjoy within the city limits, but Philadelphia is so centrally located that you can enjoy plenty that Pennsylvania has to offer.

Cheap Vacation Locations in the US: 1

Thanks to the current state of the economy, more and more people — families, couples, and single folks — are finding that they need to tighten their belts, and the first place most of them do so is with the summer vacation. Way back when, it seemed like summer vacation was a staple, even if you only went away for a long weekend. These days, however, even that seems too much to spend — but it does not have to be that way.

There are plenty of affordable places to go, especially in the United States. For instance, you should think about New Hampshire. Which part of it? Any part of it, really. There are upwards of eight hundred thousand acres of breathtaking terrain to be found in this comely little New England state, and lots of fun things to do, from hiking the White Mountains to lounging by the sea.

Lots of New England states can get pretty pricey in the summer, but in New Hampshire, you will find a comfortable, rather down home feel for affordable prices.

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Why Rent An Exotic Car In Las Vegas?

To be completely honest, Las Vegas is one of the top tourist locations and if you are there for pleasure, rather than for business, why not get a little bit crazy and rent yourself an exotic car? One of the coolest things about Vegas is the fact that you can leave whatever happens there, there. Isn’t that their slogan? ‘Whatever Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas’? Well folks, if you are looking to rent an exotic car in Las Vegas, then you should be able to! It doesn’t matter if you want a speedy car or one that just looks fabulous, renting an exotic care in Vegas is definitely something you should do, live a little bit!

Exotic Car Las Vegas

Whether you are looking for classic car or you want something that people will look at your when you drive by, Vegas is very accommodating and is definitely willing to do anything and everything to ensure that all of the tourists are happy. So if you are in Vegas for any reason, take full advantage of it and get yourself an exotic car, you won’t regret it! Quite the contrary, you will love having the freedom to drive around and get noticed by everyone and anyone!

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