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Weddings in Australia

wedding sydney australiaAustralia is quickly moving up the list as one of the most preferred places to hold a destination wedding. In fact Sydney has been named six years running as the world’s best travel location. Australia’s spectacular ocean views coupled with the majestic open space provide an intriguing and appealing setting to many who live abroad. Tour operators are offering full all-inclusive packages, while if booked at the right time, airlines are offering major discounts to fly to Australia.

Legal requirements to have a wedding in Australia are few but one must take care to ensure the necessary documentation is in place.

  • The documents may not be signed and dated during the one month and one day prior to the wedding. They may, however, be dated for as long as eighteen months in advance of the wedding.
  • Australia requires a “Notice Of Intended Marriage Form” to be completed in your own handwriting. Copies in the form of faxes, emails and the like will not be accepted. The actual original in handwriting is required. The form is easy to obtain from any Australian Consulate in the world or from the wedding planner in Australia who will organize your wedding on your behalf.
  • Once the form is completed, those couples already in Australia may have it witnessed by an authorized party from a list of many. If outside of Australia, a Notary Public will be fine.
  • Copies of the couple’s birth certificates will be needed.
  • Copies of both persons’ passports.
  • If either of the parties are divorced or widowed, copies of the relevant documents will be required. For example, divorce certificate and/or death certificate.
  • No blood tests and residency requirements are necessary.
  • Once married, a Certified copy of your Marriage Certificate will be issued upon application.

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