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Family Travel: Best spots in Australia when going with kids

There are a lot of nice travel destinations for families in Australia. There are just some spots though that tops the list when it comes to having traveling with your kids along. See our list below and know which Australia destinations are a must:

Port Arthur in Tasmania

If you’re kids complain about boring history classes in school, you might be able to change that view when you bring them to Port Arthur. The port was once a convic settlement during the 18th through the 19th century. It is among the top heritage sites in the Land Down Under where kids can learn about the exciting parts of the country’s history.

Whitsunday Islands in Queensland

This island boasts of a number of beautiful beaches but there’s more to Whitsunday than sand and waters. The sceneries here are among the best in Australia. You can go sailing between the islands, go snorkeling to checkout the coral reefs, or go whale watching. The list goes on for activities kids will really enjoy.

Wolgan Valley

Just a few hops from Sydney is this natural reserve called Wolgan Valley. It is also nearby two famous national parks. So you can actually make a stop over to see the lush greens and wildlife.

Parsley Bay

When in Sydney, you will surely not miss the Opera House. Once you are done there, you can head to lesser known sites like the Parsley Bay. It is perfect for the youngsters with its shallow waters and isolated beach. You can go to this corner of Sydney on a day trip and getting a ride will never be a problem since it is just near some bus stops. Do not forget the picnic baskets!

Top 3 New Years Destinations: Sydney

sydneyNow, it might surprise you to know that watching the ball drop down under is a big deal, but it is indeed. Sydney, Australia is actually a very exciting place to spend New Years Eve.

In fact, it is considered the very first city in the entire world to ring in the New Year. It is thus no wonder that they do it in such a big way. Their dazzling display of fireworks is thought to be the biggest one in the whole world and it does not end until a quarter after midnight.

The party does not stop there, though. You can find various big time celebrations rocking out until dawn, at least.

And the best vantage point for those fireworks? Well, anywhere on the Sydney Harbour Bridge will do, but your best bet is to be in a boat right in the harbor.

Things To Explore In Perth Australia!

australiaSo let’s talk about traveling – we all know that traveling and taking a vacation is something that is very, very important to many people.  After all, you definitely want to make sure that you see the world before you leave it right?  I know that I do!  That is one of the main reasons why I traveled to Perth Australia recently and I have to tell you that it is absolutely beautiful!  Not only are there a ton of different things to see, but just breathing in the air is absolutely incredible.

Whether you want to see the Caversham Wildlife Park or you are looking to explore the Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth Australia is definitely one of those places that you should see before you die.  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and I have to say that the kangaroos are a plenty!

People – check out Perth Australia, it is the best!