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What To See In London: 3

Hyde-Park-london-436373_1920_1440Now that you have seen some of the most beautiful building in London, let’s go ahead and talk about one of the other famous attractions and that is Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is actually flush against the Kensington Gardens, which is definitely one of the benefits of this particular park.

Hyde Park is actually one of the most popular parks in London and it is liken to Central Park in New York.  It actually is about more than a mile square and that includes Serpentine Lake, Marble Arch and of course, the Diana Memorial Fountain that you will find.

This park is definitely one of the best if you are looking to chill out and laze around after a hard day of touring.

What To See In London: 2

houses-of-parliamentWhen you think about it – Greenwich is one of the top attractions for London, however, the Houses of Parliament is another attraction that I know that I have fallen in love with for quite some time now.  This impressive Gothic-style building is definitely one of the most beautiful and most popular buildings in London.

It has the beautiful and famous clock tower that is known as Big Ben.  When you see the Houses of Parliament, you know that you are seeing a part of history and it is certainly one attraction that you should now miss.

If you go to London and miss the Houses of Parliament – you have not truly seen all of London.

What To See In London: 1

GreenwichLondon is definitely one of those places that you should visit sometime in your lifetime.  Not only is it one of those places that is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful but it is a fantastic place whenever you are looking to go to truly get away and to truly be wowed by all of the beauty that one place has.

Greenwich is a definite must whenever you are staying in London, it is certainly something that is very popular and definitely worth it for a day trip.  It is actually a stretch of land that is about four miles long and there is a bunch of attractions right there, including the Millennium Dome and the Greenwich Park.

In the next blog, we are going to talk about the Houses of Parliament!

London’s Many Bridges: Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge

Now that we have discussed the London Bridge – let’s go ahead and dive right into – yes, you got it, the Westminster Bridge!  This particular bridge is actually one of my favorite.  Not only does it look incredible, but it is definitely one bridge that I don’t think that you would want to miss if you are touring around London. 

This bridge was first opened in 1750 and it was actually established as one of the most important links across the Thames.  It joined the ever-expanding area around Westminster to what now is Waterloo.  It actually remains still, to this day one of London’s busiest foot and road bridges.

It is very convenient, as it links between the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, which is very important.

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London: This Place Is Incredible!


Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few things that you should do when you are in London on vacation.  Honestly, London is one of those places that you can not get away from and it is honestly a beautiful place to visit.  However, these things are life-altering things and life experiences that everyone in the world should go through.

First you need to make sure that you visit Big Ben.  This historical clock has been a sight to be seen for years upon years.  Next, you need to make sure that you take a river cruise on the Thames and take a whole lot of pictures.  After you are done with that, make sure that you take a ride on the London Eye, which is honestly the largest Ferris wheel in the world.

A trip to Buckingham Palace is next along with a stop down Oxford street with over 300 stores on it and you got yourself a beautiful and incredible vacation in London!