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What To See In London: 3

Hyde-Park-london-436373_1920_1440Now that you have seen some of the most beautiful building in London, let’s go ahead and talk about one of the other famous attractions and that is Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is actually flush against the Kensington Gardens, which is definitely one of the benefits of this particular park.

Hyde Park is actually one of the most popular parks in London and it is liken to Central Park in New York.  It actually is about more than a mile square and that includes Serpentine Lake, Marble Arch and of course, the Diana Memorial Fountain that you will find.

This park is definitely one of the best if you are looking to chill out and laze around after a hard day of touring.

What To See In London: 2

houses-of-parliamentWhen you think about it – Greenwich is one of the top attractions for London, however, the Houses of Parliament is another attraction that I know that I have fallen in love with for quite some time now.  This impressive Gothic-style building is definitely one of the most beautiful and most popular buildings in London.

It has the beautiful and famous clock tower that is known as Big Ben.  When you see the Houses of Parliament, you know that you are seeing a part of history and it is certainly one attraction that you should now miss.

If you go to London and miss the Houses of Parliament – you have not truly seen all of London.

What To See In London: 1

GreenwichLondon is definitely one of those places that you should visit sometime in your lifetime.  Not only is it one of those places that is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful but it is a fantastic place whenever you are looking to go to truly get away and to truly be wowed by all of the beauty that one place has.

Greenwich is a definite must whenever you are staying in London, it is certainly something that is very popular and definitely worth it for a day trip.  It is actually a stretch of land that is about four miles long and there is a bunch of attractions right there, including the Millennium Dome and the Greenwich Park.

In the next blog, we are going to talk about the Houses of Parliament!

Top 3 New Years Destinations: London

londonAre you ready to take a hop across the pond? I know that you are! It will be a worthwhile trip as well, because London ranks number three in the top New Years destinations for this year.

Right from the London Eye, there will be a spectacular display of fireworks. You will be able to see them from balconies and rooftops all over the city — but if you want the very best vantage point, you need to get a spot on the Westminster Bridge, or else get a seat on the north bank of the famed River Thames.

Just after Big Ben rings in the midnight hour, the fireworks start and last until a quarter after.

Do not worry, though; the pubs, the clubs, and the fabulous restaurants stay open long, long after that!

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London’s Many Bridges: London Bridge

London Bridge

Now that we have talked about one of the famous bridges of London, let’s go ahead and talk about the most famous bridge of London and that is the London Bridge.  This particular bridge is actually breathtaking and I have to say that while I have not seen it up close and personal … I have seen too many pictures to count and it looks incredible!

The London Bridge is actually the oldest bridge and it actually is believed to have been around from the first decades after Christ – when the capital city of England was dubbed Londinium.  The London Bridge was actually the cities only crossing over the Thames before the Westminster Bridge was created.

This bridge is very rich and certainly one of the most beautiful bridges out there – if you have a chance to see it, take it!

London’s Many Bridges: The Battersea Bridge 1


What is the very first thing that you think of when you think about London – for me, it is all of the sights that are out and around there.  Honestly, London has one of many bridges in the world – twelve different ones actually and all of them are beautiful looking and a fantastic sight for you to see!  That is what we are going to talk about in the next few blogs – the many bridges of London!

The first bridge up is the Battersea Bridge and my, what a breathtaking bridge this one is!  Although in the 18th century the Battersea Bridge was actually attached to another bridge, the Chelsea Bridge, the construction of a wooden bridge from 1771 – 1772 and actually allowed the pedestrians and wagons to cross the Thames.

This bridge actually was replaced in 1886 – 1890 with the Battersea Bridge that you see today!

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What to See When Visiting London: 3

london 3The Parks, which allow you to stroll from Westminster to Holland Park, are an absolute delight. There are so many stunning views along the way — such as the bridge located in St. James Park. Hyde Park is a must simply because it is Hyde Park, but there are beautiful sites in all of them. There are cultivated gardens and the zoo in Regent’s Park; a lake complete with pelicans lies in St. James; Hyde has the Speakers’ Corner — and the list goes on.

Bow Bells, the Bank of England — in short, the London known by Samuel Pepys, can all be found in the heart of the City, where Victorian nooks still exist.

Naturally, there are many museums as well as other galleries to be seen, as well. Some of them include the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum, and the Natural History and Science Museums.

Last but certainly not least, a visit to London is not complete without a trip to the theatre — at least one. You will see high quality performances without breaking your bank account.

What to See When Visiting London: 2

london 2Simply in strolling the River, you can see much of what London has to offer. A stroll from the Tower Bridge, along the South Bank, to Lambeth can show you a wealth of sites. You can see the Houses of Parliament, not to mention the Archbishop of Canterbury’s home, Lambeth Palace, and even the famed Globe Theatre, which in its time has seen the best of Shakespeare. The Tate Galleries are along this walk as well, along with St. Paul’s Cathedral, plus South Bank Centre, the London Eye, and The Temple. Boat rides are also available, taking you to the Thames Barrier, the Dome, or Greenwich.

Naturally, a trip to London would not be complete without a visit to Westminster Abbey, the place where kings are crowned and bards are buried.

The Houses of Parliament are must sees as well — especially if ytou can get a seat in the famed Strangers Gallery, especially during Question Time. There are a number of surprisingly entertaining things to do here. A must if you enjoy government and/or debates. On that note, check out the Inns of Court as well.

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What to See When Visiting London: 1

london 1London is something of a dichotomy. It is rich with history and culture which can and should be appreciated by people from all over the world — many of our ancestors came from England, after all — but it is also a center of excitement and fun. At the same time you are visiting historical sites, you can enjoy the latest, hottest nightclubs and even take in some seriously avant garde fashions. Thus, a trip to London can seem somewhat overwhelming — which is why Dave’s World Travel has compiled a list of must see locations, to make your visit go much more smoothly.

First of all, you cannot pass up the galleries. The National Gallery, the Tate Britain Gallery, the Tate Modern Gallery — all of them are must sees … and all of them are free, so you can really enjoy your art tour.

Hampton Court is another location you have to see. Many people consider it one of the greatest attractions not just in London, not just in England, but in all of Europe. It was the original palace of Henry VIII, and the architecture and design alone make it a worthwhile visit.

Taking a Trip to Piccadilly Circus!

piccadilly-circus1Hopping across the pond and visiting England can prove to be one of the funnest and most exciting vacations you could ever hope to have. And, of course, it almost goes without saying that you cannot visit England without taking a trip to Piccadilly Circus, which is located right in the heart of the famed West End. You will be centrally located to take advantage of the tube, plus the evening is full of a number of different entertainers — you are just as apt to see a dexterous boy juggling fiery torches as you are to see a group of girls dancing in true Bollywood fashion.

There are plenty of shops, both large and small, to explore as well, some of them major franchises and some of them charming local shops — such as Hamling’s Toy Store.

There are plenty of galleries and places of historical and cultural interest as well, so needless to say, no visit to London is complete without a jaunt out to Piccadilly Circus!