The Fun of A Snorkel Trip to Molokini Island by Pride of Maui

Molokini Island is a volcanic caldera off the coast of Maui. Although it is called an island most of it is underwater. This is what makes it such a popular destination for snorkeling. The Pride of Maui are the top dive operator on the island so if you want a chance to dive at one of the most spectacular places on earth they are the people to call.

snorkelingThe main attraction that Molokini offers for people who want to go snorkeling is a huge array of marine life. Molokini is one of just three volcanic calderas in the world which makes is a very unique location to dive. A volcanic caldera is a unique environment that attracts marine life that you will not see anywhere else. Coral grows in the caldera and it attracts of the other species to the area by providing a food source. The result is that you will be guaranteed to see a wide variety of sea life while you are diving at Molokini.

The other big attraction of Maui Snorkel Trips to Molokini Island is the water. Not only is quite warm year round it is unbelievably clear. This is the thing that surprises most people when the first dive in the area. They are able to see for well in excess of a hundred feet. Given how much there is to see when you are diving at Molokini this is a huge asset.

There are of course lots of ways that you can get to Molokini to go snorkeling, as one of the most popular destinations in Hawaii there are no shortage of tour operators who offer trips. The best option however has to be the Pride of Maui, largely because they have the best boat. Unlike other dive operators who have small little boats that are little more than a way to get to and from the dive site the Pride of Maui is luxury catamaran. It is quite large and it has a variety of amenities like a bar and a restaurant that you can enjoy after the dive. It does take a couple of hours to get to to and from the dive site you might as well enjoy the ride.

One other reason that the Pride of Maui is the best way to go snorkeling at Molokini Island is that they offer you the chance to try snuba. Snuba is a combination of snorkeling and scuba diving, basically you breath through an air hose that is attached to tanks on the surface. Unlike scuba you do not need any special training or experience to try snuba. It will however allow you to descend to a depth of fifteen feet and remain there for a considerable period of time, giving you a much better chance to see the marine life that makes Molokini Island such a popular dive spot.