Why Disney World is so Awesome

Disney World may well be the greatest family vacation spot in the world. What kid doesn’t want to go to Disney World. A lot of other theme parks have come along to challenge them but the one that continues to stand out in most people’s minds is Disney World. So just why is Disney World so awesome? In large part it has to do with the classic movies that have inspired the park and the fact that the whole family can have a good time.

Disney World OrlandoThe main reason that Disney World is so Awesome is the rides, after all this is what attracts most people to the park. In large part a theme park is going to be judged on its rides and there is a reason that Disney World is widely regarded as the best. One of the things that really stands out about the rides at Disney World is the wide variety of rides that they have. There is everything from giant roller coasters to rides for small children. This is different from most of the other parks which have rides that tend to focus on one group or another. Some have spectacular rides for the teens or adults while others have rides geared for children. Disney World has both which makes it a great place for the whole family.

Of course Disney World also has the classic movies around which the park is built. Other theme parks have movies as their inspiration but none of them really stand out the way Disney does. The movies that Disney has made are some of the true classics that have really stood the test of time. Who doesn’t relish the opportunity to meet Mickey Mouse. It has been a memorable event for kids for generations.

The other thing that really stands out about Disney World is that unlike a lot of parks they have attractions beyond the rides. This isn’t something that you can say about a lot of other theme parks. Many people will spend their whole trip at Disney World without ever going on a ride and have an excellent time. There are lots of shows and other exhibits that can keep you entertained. This is a big part of what has made Disney World so successful they offer something for the whole family. This makes it the ideal place for a family vacation.

The other reason that Disney World is perfect for a family vacation is that you can do it without breaking the bank. There are lots of ways that you can get Cheap Disney Tickets online and there are lots of excellent airfare and hotel packages available that make it a trip that most families can afford. It really is something that all families should do at least once. It will almost certainly be one of the greatest trips of your life.